I'm probably not the type of person you'd typically imagine who would seek out a personal stylist. Felicity intuitively knew what looked good on me and helped me understand why certain looks were good while others just did not work for me. The clothes she found for me emphasized the strong features of my body type while minimizing the weaker ones. I have woken up to an entirely new world.


On a personal level, for the first time in my life I'm actually excited about getting dressed. I now feel so much more confident about what I'm wearing. Thanks again Felicity your advice and support.


Lorna Bang, Dublin


Felicity Kurbah a big shout out to you and an enormous hug for giving me your invaluable advice in choosing my first ever pageant gown. 


I could tell which dress is looking nice on me but I used to take a lot of time trying and retrying. But with your body analysis and then subsequent advice, I am able to understand my body type and now have clear vision on what dresses I can carry immaculately. 


You eye for detail has helped me look like a real queen on the finale day.. 


Highly recommended personalised services ...

Thank you Feli!! And you have played a major role in making me look gorgeous😘😘😍Love Love love💕


Jatinder Randhawa , 3rd Runner up MRS INDIA,UK 2018


My dressing style could at best be labelled ‘safe’. Nothing too out there, not much experimentation. When you have hips like mine one tends to find comfort in black. Not to say I don’t enjoy fashion , I just don’t know how to translate it for myself. Then along comes Ms Felicity Kurbah, armed with her fashion and styling degree determined to breathe new life into my somewhat monochrome wardrobe. I pulled out some items I considered wearing one evening to go out for a casual drinks and dinner. Off to work she went. “No. No. Sometimes ,but only if paired with this and this. Never! Burn this now!”

Pamela Yolmo, Mumbai