Great personal style comes from being unique yet identifiable! 
Each service can be tailor-made to fit your style needs, lifestyle and budget. Choose any one or combine any style service that best serve your requirement. 


Image by Thom Bradley


 This is ideal if you want to :

  • update your current style or 

  • need styling for any upcoming event. (business meeting| job-interview| you're a bride-to-be)

This session includes identifying your body shape, learning to dress your shape, the cuts and silhouettes to go for and how to choose the accessories that's most suited to your style and shape.

You will learn what your style personality is all about and how it influences not only your style but daily life choices.

 You also learn how to choose the right colors that suit you best so you feel alive in those wow colors and not look washed out or tired and help bring balance to your overall look.


The benefits of a mini style makeover is gaining clarity and having a better understanding of what suits you well so you always look and feel well put together and you learn to shop smartly in future. 


This is a bestseller as a gift to someone you care about! 


Price :INR 5590

BONUS :Your body shape cheat sheet & an e-Color selector card to help you choose your best colors always.


What is it about you that makes you look so effortless when it comes to your personal style?

Decoding your style personality opens up a world of endless style possibilities that is unique to you yet you remain comfortable in what you wear!

This service is all about letting your personality shine without compromising on your style & comfort.

It is intended to help you find a style that speaks of  you as an individual. 

get in touch to learn more.

Price : INR 1250


Have you ever noticed how you sometimes look tired even though you feel absolutely fine? 


This usually happens when you wear colors that don't suit you well.


You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself and are often drawn to neutral colors because

  • You’re not too brave with experimenting with colors 

  • You have never heard of a color analysis or got an analysis done previously.


If you answered yes to any of the above then this service is ideal for you. 


What you will gain from a color analysis includes: 


  • How to inject colors into your wardrobe without compromising your style and comfort.

  • Knowing your skin undertone (warm/cool/neutral) and learning how to choose colors according to what will suit you best to make you look and feel lively. 

  • How to mix and match colors so you wear the color and not the other way round. 

  • What hair and makeup colors to choose from that's most suitable for you.


Price :INR 2150

BONUS  : Color selector card for your personal use.


This is ideal for you if :


  • You have many clothes but you never have anything to wear.

  • You have clothes in similar styles or color and could use a dash of freshness injected into your current style. 

  • You feel lost in your personal style and need to find clarity.

  • You need a working wardrobe to help you save time when getting dressed and avoid spending too much time deciding what to wear. 


Through a wardrobe detox, you gain clarity on what items in your wardrobe are not working for you, how to make use of what you already own,

identify the colors and the silhouette most suitable for your body shape, 

why you have items hanging there without being worn,a nd what are the key pieces that will make getting dressed everyday easy breezy!  

You make room for clothes you love to wear and  you know exactly what to choose as per your mood and occasion. 

Price :INR 2950

BONUS : A free Body shape & style personality analysis.


This is ideal if :

  • Shopping on your own  overwhelms you! 

  • You are a career/business woman/busy mom who lacks the time to trawl through the shops.

  • You need to find an outfit for an upcoming event.

  • You think you're a compulsive shopper and would like expert advice so you stop buying what you know you don't really need. 


This service is intended to help you find what you need or looking for without the hassle of running from shop to shop or scrolling through endless shopping sites! 

Rest assured, I do all the running/surfing while you do what you do best!

Price : 2250 / hr (in store shopping)

For online shopping, please get in touch for price.

BONUS :A  free body shape & style personality analysis .