"We each have a style, we just need to rediscover it!"


Through this service, you will uncover how to elevate your personal style by:


  • Discovering your unique style personality.

  • Identifying  your body shape and how to dress it.

  • Through a color analysis, identify  your color season and learn how to wear your best colors!


This is ideal if you want to: 


  • Learn the foundations to having a signature style! 

  • Feel more confident in your own image.

  • Identify the cuts & silhouettes that suits you best as per your shape & height.

  • Understand which colors make you look lively and fresh and which colors washes you out


Bonuses include: Body shape cheat sheet, Your style personality cheat sheet and your WOW colors cheat sheet.

Price: INR 18000

(INR 19500 if taken individually)

Fashion Model on Grey:Blue