What Styled at Beatitude offers is personalized styling and coaching, to help you achieve your maximum potential and elevate your personal style and confidence!

10 minute Discovery call

To help you decide if this is what you are looking for and what  you will achieve from your personal styling journey with us!

Positive Body Image




How to portray a confident image of yourself?

Understanding your body shape  and style personality is the key to look and feel confident in what you wear and will help eliminate any fears or concerns you may have had in the past .

  • You will learn what  body shape are you and how to dress according to your shape.

  •  How to choose the right cuts and silhouettes suitable for your body shape.


  • What  your style personality is and how it affects the way you dress so you feel comfortable and confident your own skin .

  • How to choose shoes and bags tol evelavate your outfit and how to use accessories to enhance and bring balance to your overall look.

INR 2200

Color Confidence

How to choose and wear colors with confidence!


Choosing the right colors can take years off your face, deflect those tired lines and wrinkles  and make you look youthful.  


  • Find out what about your 'WOW' colors - the colors that suit you best so you won't look drained or tired ever again .


  • You will learn to mix and match and use colors and prints to your advantage according to your personal style  for any occasion so you always look your best. 

  • Advice on hair color and makeup to choose from. 

  • You will receive a copy of the Season selector card with sample colors to take with you and help you when choosing colors on your own. 

INR 2200

(recommended to book with Positive Body Image)

Color Confidence

Wardrobe Declutter

Wardrobe Edit

We all struggle with :


  • What to wear?

  •  The feeling that "I have nothing to wear" when getting dressed especially for a function.

  • Not happy with what you're wearing when you look in the mirror and end up changing many times or feeling frustrated that nothing fits!

A wardrobe declutter will help you:

  •  gain clarity of what suits you and fits you well in terms of cut, color and style. 

  • Understand what works for your body shape and identify any gaps in your wardrobe.

  • How to mix and match so you get the most from what you already own.

  • Help you enjoy the items you own and get maximum use.

  • Help you re-organize and regroup items as per your lifestyle and daily usage which will in turn help you save time and money.


Price :INR 3200

Duration : 2 hours . Additional cost will apply every extra 30 mins. 

Personal Shopping

 This session includes a prior meeting at a convenient place to discuss your shopping plan before getting started.

After identifying what your body shape, style personality and color season is, a  professional shopper will :

  • help you understand what are the  cuts and silhouettes  that suits your body shape and style personality so you buy only items that work for you .

  • Choose only colors that will make you look vibrant and lively, not tired or washed.


  • help you choose items that suit your lifestyle and budget thereby saving you time & money.

  • help you shop for items missing in your current wardrobe to mix and match with what you already own.

  • Choose accessories, bags and shoes that suit your body shape, lifestyle and budget. 

Price : INR 4000

Duration : 2 hours. Additional cost will incur for every extra 30 mins. 

One time style session


  You have an upcoming:


  1. Job interview,

  2. wedding party or

  3. any Formal event to attend and you would like to make good impression and look your best, but don't have a clue where to start?

Looking for that perfect outfit has never been easier.

Let me help you  put together a look that  will leave you feeling good and looking great from head to toe!

Get in touch today . 

Price : INR 1500

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