Being introverted is often misconstrued as being shy and anxious when that is far from the truth!

However, understanding what your style personality is all about will shed a great deal of light as to why why you feel the way you do which translates into the image that others see of you. 

Of course, one shouldn't be too bothered by other's opinion but the truth is, it takes less than 7 seconds for someone to form an impression of you the first time you meet them and often its always from the image you present. Whether that impression is a positive or a negative one all depends on you. 

From another introvert who used to suffer from poor self image, I want to offer you a chance to make that first impression count where it matters, be it at home or your workplace! 

If this is what you are looking for then a personal /virtual styling session is all you need.


Did you know that there are many famous personalities and style icons out there who are actually Introverts?

Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio,Elon Musk, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir kapoor to name a few.

 However, having great personal style is no longer just for the rich and famous. You too can have great personal style that you are comfortable and confident in and reflects your unique personality.

What can you expect from a personal style session? 

Choose from any of the services below or combine any services of your choice.



In this session :

  • You will learn what your body shape is  and how to dress according to your shape .

  •  How to choose the right cuts and silhouettes suitable for your body shape.​


  • What is your style personality  and how it affects the way you dress and your daily life choices.

  • How to choose and  use accessories to enhance, elevate and bring overall balance to your look.


How to choose and wear colors with confidence!

  In this session :

  • You will learn which colors suit you the best, how to mix and match and use colors and prints to your advantage according to your personal style,  so you always look your best. 

  • Learn  about your 'WOW' colors that brighten up your face, so you dont look tired or washed out.

  • Advice on hair color and makeup to choose from. 

  • Receive a copy of the Season selector card with sample colors to take with you and help you when choosing colors on your own. 

(recommended to book with DRESS YOUR BODY SHAPE)




   You're not happy with what you see in  the mirror and end up changing many times feeling frustrated that nothing looks good or nothing fits!

Through a Wardrobe Audit I will help you:

  •  Gain clarity of what suits you and fits you well in terms of cut, color and style so you get dressed with ease everyday.

  • Understand what works for your body shape and identify any gaps in your wardrobe and help you create a capsule wardrobe that is based on your needs to suit your lifestyle.

  • learn how to mix and match so you get the most from what you already own.

  • Help you re-organize items as per your lifestyle and daily usage.



After identifying what your body shape, style personality and color season is, a professional shopping session will :


  • You will learn how to choose pieces to fill any gaps identified in your current wardrobe so that you can mix and match with what you already own and that suits your lifestyle and budget thereby saving you time & money.

  • Help you understand what are the cuts, colors and silhouettes  to look for that suits your body shape and style personality so you always look your best and feel confident in what you wear.

  • You will learn how to choose accessories, bags and shoes that enhances  your overall outfit and suit your body shape and lifestyle . 

(For in-store shopping, this session includes a prior meeting at a convenient place to discuss your shopping plan before getting started).

Woman Shopping