As introverts, we tend to shy away from many social obligations whether it is family gatherings or work related because not only is it exhausting but at the same time we would rather not deal with the judgement of how we are dressed or how we present ourselves.  

If this resonates with you then you have come to the right place where we work together to get you started on a style journey that will transform how you look and feel!

A complete style & confidence coaching session is a roadmap of your journey to achieving a personal style that you're comfortable and confident to carry off that reflects your personality. 


Here we are going to get a feel for exactly where you are and uncover any limiting beliefs that is causing you to not feel confident in your own self image. I want to make sure you are prepared to take that step and the journey ahead because this will impact your ability to overcome any perceived fears and start becoming more comfortable in your own body. We will also chat about your style goals. This is a mandatory session I do with ALL my clients to ensure they are ready to face any fears from moving forward on this path to self transformation!


Duration : 45-60 mins


In this session we ensure that you know WHAT your body shape and style personality is as these are foundations to understanding your body, your likes and dislikes and why you feel the way you do, HOW to dress with confidence and exude that confidence outwardly, WHO your icons are, why you look up to them and how they impact the way you feel or dress!


Duration : 45 mins 



This is a fun session where we identify those colors that look good on you!  This is where we are going to work together identifying your favorite colors - whether they make you look vibrant and alive or tired and washed out. We will discuss HOW you can wear colors as per your mood and occasion, HOW to mix and match different colors so that you wear the color and not the other way around!

 This is also where I would like to start talking about HOW you can use colors (hair & makeup) to enhance your overall look so that you always look well groomed and put together.

Duration : 45-60 mins 


This is where we start building your capsule wardrobe by identifying any gaps in what you already own and making sure that every piece in your wardrobe is in the shape, cut & color that suits you, your personality and lifestyle.

 Building off what we have identified in Session 2 and 3, I want you to be confident in putting looks together while we work together so you can start seeing how to use & pair accessories to your outfits to elevate your look. Here we will also be discussing WHAT  you should keep, or can give away, while you continue to learn WHY. By this mark you should also be able to see why you may have been stuck in a style rut in the past!

Duration : 120-180 mins 



This is where it all comes together. In this session, we look at the stores/brands that carry the clothing & accessories that suit your body shape, lifestyle and even your budget. This is that final step where you implement all that you have learned in terms of your personal style and confidently shop for items because you now know  what exactly to look for and  it will also help you save time & money in future shopping trips (online or in store) on your own.

Duration : 120 mins



Here we will recap any previous work that we have done and start thinking about the future, I want to  strategize with you on what your plan is AFTER our time is over so you have a step by step action plan on what you need to do. This is our “last session”, so it’s really about me ensuring that after our time is done, you have a road map on what you need to do to achieve your future style goals !

Duration : 45 mins