What Styled at Beatitude offers is personalized styling and coaching, to help you achieve your maximum potential through powerful style tools that will elevate your personal style and confidence!


 Bespoke Virtual session 


 The aim of this session is to help you dress stylishly with ease and minimum effort.

Simply put, you will learn  lifelong skill that will transform the way you look at getting dressed everyday. 

This session  includes :

  • A 10 min discovery call  to understand your current lifestyle and identify your style needs and how you can achieve the most from it.

 Once you decide to go on this styling journey, 

 You will learn in the :

 1st session : 

  • what your  body shape is, how to dress accordingly and draw attention away from your least favourite to your best features!

  •  what your style personality is, how  it influences what you choose and help boost confidence knowing you look good and feel great wearing them.

 2nd session:

  •   what your color season is , how  to choose the right colors that will take years off your face, make you look vibrant and deflect all those tired lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

  • How to use accessories too your advantage and choose the correct  shoes and bags  to take your entire look to the next  level!

  • Tips & advice on hair color & makeup that suits your skin undertone and coloring to help further elevate your personal style.

  • Suggestions for how to successfully shop online and shopping sites that carry your size & style of clothing.

  • Season selector Card copy that you can access anytime when shopping online or in store to help you pick  colors that look best on you!


Price : INR 4000

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