Do you want to look stylish and confident effortlessly?


Do you feel you have no personal style or have lost yours and need help?


If you answered YES, in this next-level style experience you will learn life skills that will help you look put together with minimum effort while at the same time staying true to who you are.

Through a bespoke style plan and keeping in mind your lifestyle needs, we work together on your style journey so that by the end of it you would have learned more about yourself and come out feeling completely transformed!  


This styling experience includes: 

  • Body confidence and mindset coaching. 

  • Body shape analysis.

  • Your style personality decoded.

  • Wearing Colors with confidence. 

  • Wardrobe detox.

  • Outfit inspiration board.


This is ideal if you want to: 

  • Learn how to portray a confident body image.

  • Know how to dress well as per your body shape. 

  • Discover your style personality and learn how to let your unique personality shine. 

  • Know your WOW colors and how to wear them to enhance your overall look and avoid looking tired and washed out. 

  • Have a wardrobe filled with clothes you love to wear and get out of a style rut! 

  • Learn how to wear the right accessories that suits your shape and personality.

  • Learn how to shop smart and get over the overwhelm of shopping, saving you time & money! 

This one stop styling experience includes:

  • Body shape analysis - INR 6500

  • Style personality analysis - INR 5500

  • Color analysis - INR 7500

  • Wardrobe declutter & organisation - INR 8500

  • Your Style Development Book - INR 8600

  • Bonuses worth - INR 20000 which includes Body Image exercises, Authentic living Test, Body shape guide & cheat sheet, Your WOW colors cheat sheet, Wardrobe checklist, Makeover your wardrobe cheat sheet, Shopping plan)

Price: INR 56600

You pay: INR 36600

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