"We uncovered my best colours and it was very helpful to see why I like gold jewellery as someone with warm skin undertones. Seeing that the Bright Spring Palette suits me best really allowed me to feel the vibrant potential within. I'm so excited to tap into this with my wardrobe and makeup! Thank you Felicity! You're amazing!"


Have you sometimes been told you look tired even though you feel absolutely fine? 


This usually happens when you wear colors that may not suit you well. 




Do you avoid wearing some colors and usually stick to black as you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself?


This can happen when you:

  • You’re not too brave experimenting with colors. 

  • you have never heard of a color analysis or got one done before.


This is ideal if you want to: 

  • learn how to inject colors into your wardrobe without compromising on your style and comfort.

  • Know your skin tone, undertone & color season and find out all about the colors that will make you look lively & fresh and not washed out/tired. 

  • How to wear a color and not the other way around. 

  • Hair & makeup color that’s most suited for your skin tone. 

Through an in-depth color analysisLet your personal stylist help you uncover your wow colors!


Bonus: color season cheat sheet.

Price: INR 7500