Knowing your body shape and how to dress it, is the first step to finding your signature style.


As your personal stylist, through an in-depth analysis, let me help you discover the styles that will suit you and fit you well.


 You will  learn all about the cuts and silhouettes to look for as per your shape.


You will gain confidence in dressing your shape and know exactly what to look for when shopping for clothes and accessories.


Because it is never about the size but how you wear it!

Bonus : Body shape cheat sheet.

Price: INR 6500

body shape.png

"Finding my body shape was a joy. I already knew I was a pear/triangle/A shape but I didn't know the tips and tricks to dress accordingly for my body. That's where Felicity's wonderful service comes in. To help me understand how to create more balance and harmony in my outfits. I loved the mindset coaching added along with the styling to create positive body image which I know so many women need. She is such a positive influence on this world and I couldn't recommend her enough"