Achieving great personal style is not just what you wear, but how you carry it off " ​

I am so glad you're here because it tells me that you are serious about your style journey! ​ Combining my passion for personal styling with life coaching, I founded Styled at Beatitude to help you find your own authentic style so you will never again feel overwhelmed by fashion trends but always  feel comfortable in your own style. As you are busy running your lives and have little time to focus on personal appearance, let me take that load off you and create for you a tailor made style plan that suits your lifestyle.

As a former flight attendant, I understand the importance of making a lasting first impression and how body image and grooming can impact your daily self-confidence. ​ Through style coaching, I want to help you build confidence in your personal style as well as in all areas of your life. My approach is genuine and supportive and I teach my clients life skills to help quash any self-limiting beliefs so you start showing up with a positive & confident self image. ​

I have worked with clients from India, as well as from around the world. I am  professionally trained and certified as a 'Style Coach™'  from the Style Coaching Institute®, UK and an accredited member of the International Association of Style Coaches, IASC™ ​ I am  also trained in make up artistry from Fatmu, Mumbai and Urban Beauty Academy, Singapore. ​

It would be a privilege to help you discover your personal style so your personality shines through and you look great and feel good in what you wear!