Passionate about helping you 
rediscover & elevate your personal style ,
and dress well for your shape, 
so you feel stylish and confident yet comfortable in what you wear! 


  • Do you feel lost when it comes to your personal style?

  •  Do you want to present a confident image but not sure how to? 

  •  Do you wrestle with self- limiting beliefs that stop you from looking and feeling your best?

I too struggled with poor self-image as a young adult. I have overcome those setbacks and limitations and I want to help you do the same. 

What Clients Say

Hi I am Apurva.
I was very under confident and body conscious before connecting with felicity. I wore clothes not on my liking but on what would others would perceive of my clothes. During last month of 2021, I was going through Instagram reels and found a girl of my age and my body type wearing the clothes which I could only wear in my dreams so as part of new year resolution, I started for search for style coach and I got a gem of coach with felicity. She took extra sessions with me just to make me comfortable with my body and have the confidence to carry any clothes I love.  She made me understand the style I can try, made me aware about my style personality and also the colours which are wow colours for me but at the same time not restricting my choice of different style or colours but just tweaking it so that it could help it enhance my personality. I am really thankful to felicity for making the start of this year with me being confident about my body and myself.
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